March 2020:
  1. The article on KSADS-COMP validity and features was published.
  2. Our pricing structure has been updated to make use affordable across settings. If you already have a site, your existing price will be honored through your first year of use.
  3. An additional introductory interview question related to the presence of guns in the home and their storage methods added to the parent interview.
  4. A training video is now available on our website.
  1. An expanded selection for grades to include as low as pre-school and up to post-secondary school, as well as vocational and cyber school.
  2. An option for youth to select gender neutral “Mom/Dad’s partner/spouse” among those residing with them
  3. Streamlined supplement algorithms for DMDD and Mania such that the Mania supplement will not be given if explosive irritability is the only “manic” symptom endorsed and explosive symptoms are chronic
  4. The website passed Penetration Testing required by the European Union.